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- the only watch in the world to represent the true motion of time

Spring Drive is the most important new movement created by SEIKO since the quartz Astron in 1969.It is based on the foundation of all mechanical watch technology, a mainspring, but uses an entirely new system for time regulation that delivers the equivalent to 1 second per day accuracy, and, uniquely, glide-motion hands that represent the continuous, even motion of time.Spring Drive. The Quiet Revolution.

One-way circular motion

Spring Drive is unique because, while it has nearly all the characteristics of a classical mechanical watch, it does not require an escapement.The escapement uses the back and forth motion of a balance wheel to regulate the speed at which the spring drives the hands and it is this high-friction motion that makes the traditional mechanical watch vulnerable to inaccuracy and damage. The genius of Spring Drive is that all the motion in the movement is in one direction, so that the friction is all but eliminated.It is also this one-way motion that allows the hands to move with the unique glide-motion that reflects the real nature of time.Spring Drive is a natural revolution in timekeeping.

State-of-the-art watchmaking

To realize the Spring Drive dream, all SEIKO's skills in the mechatronics of timekeeping have been utilized in both the traditional and electronic arenas.

The mainspring power supply, the gear train, the power reserve system and the Magic Lever are classical, mechanical watch components. Of the 276 components in each Spring Drive watch, 80% are those incorporated in mechanical watches.Like the highest grade mechanical watches, Spring Drive has 30 jewels to ensure low friction and high accuracy, and each watch is assembled by hand by SEIKO's most skilled craftsmen and women.

The electronic components of Spring Drive are state-of-the-art.While other companies have attempted to develop a mechanical watch with an electronic time regulation system, only SEIKO has succeeded in realizing this dream.It required new advances in electro-magnetics to develop the braking system within the regulator and new advances in power generation and IC to convert part of the mainspring's mechanical power to an electrical signal; just 25 nanowatts are all that is required to power the circuit and the crystal oscillator.This is 50% of the power needed in any conventional watch circuit.

It is SEIKO's unique combination of skills in both mechanical and electronic micro-engineering that has made Spring Drive possible.

For more information, please visit www.seikospringdrive.co.uk

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Never needs winding
Never needs a battery change
Captures and stores energy for up to six months (most models)
Environmentally friendly